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Would you like to create a Meet Me event in your community?
We would be pleased to advise you. 

MMM has three Meet Me events. Each is a little different to reflect the surrounding community or neighborhood. Please see our websites below.


April 2009…Tucson, AZ

Meet Me at Maynards (MMM) is our signature event. MMM builds community through running, walking and other activities, while encouraging participants and learn about and support downtown Tucson.


September 2016…Tucson, AZ

Meet Me WednesdayS (MMW) builds community through walking, running, a Stretch and Strength warm up, and a DocWalk lead by physicians. We also encourage participants to support the St. Philip’s Plaza, which hosts our event.


June, 2017…Flagstaff, AZ
Meet Me Downtown brings adults and families to downtown Flagstaff for a weekly social walk/run, engaging individuals and businesses in a vibrant event that showcases downtown Flagstaff as a prime location for healthy activities.